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Upcoming Retreats


Vin-Yin Spring Yoga Retreat
May 31 - June 2 | Banks, OR

Experience the transformative power of vinyasa and yin style yoga. These styles work in harmony to balance the lunar and solar energies within all of us so that we can be the best version of our Selves. Beginners are welcome. Modifications and advancements will be offered.

Master Your Practice Yoga Retreat
August 2 - August 4th | Banks, OR

Aren’t you curious to see what happens when you live like a yogi for the weekend? Join us in Banks, Oregon for a weekend of deep practice, tips and tricks to get yoga to stick in your routine. Some yoga experience is strongly suggested but not required. Hatha yoga is for everyone.


Lands of Legend

From salty-aired beaches to lush forest landscapes, we take you to lands of legend to reset and recharge.


We’ll be Your Guide

Under the guidance of experienced teachers, you’ll find restoration, strength, support and community.


There’s No Place Like the PNW

If you’re not from around here, you might not know that the great northwest is the perfect place to roll out your mat and leave your worries behind.


That’s a damn fine cup

The coffee (and grub) is pretty good here, too.

Pacific Northwest coffee

Unearth Your Legend