You don’t need coconuts.


Sure, there are at least a hundred yoga retreats you could go to in exotic places across the globe. When you see the photos of beachside resorts and bikini-clad yogis doing handstands by the pool, you think “that looks like fun”. Hey, we love a good photo op as much as the next yogi. But we think there’s something pretty special about the Pacific Northwest.

Our retreat destinations are selected to offer excellent and sometimes unique accommodations. The diverse northwest landscapes are roaring with opportunity for adventure. You might see a bikini on your packing list, or you might find yourself stuffing your snow suit into your knapsack. Whether you’re flying over or staying in your neck of the woods, we supply you with a taste of the local culture, great memories and expert guidance in yoga.

You won’t find just any yoga teachers at a Blue Ox Yoga retreat. You will find attuned guides to offer you support when you need it and space when you crave it. This is your path.

There’s just one more thing you should know. We take food very seriously. But not too seriously. This is a snobbery-free zone to enjoy local food and beverages regardless of your dietary restrictions. The ocean, rivers, forests and local farms offer us a natural abundance.

Yoga: check. ‘Gram-worthy scenery: check. Great food: check.

Yep, it’s true.

You don’t need coconuts to have a great yoga retreat.