Coffee Review: Equal Exchange Mind, Body & Soul


I used to be a restaurant server.

For my last stint in the biz, I worked at a restaurant that served coffee I could drink any time of day. Not to bitter, not too acidic, but just right, and with a warm, nutty flavor. I would find my nose hovering around the beans when I opened the canister to refill the hopper.

This part of my job, I really miss.

Before this coffee, I was very willy-nilly about what went into my cup as far as flavor profiles go. Hints of green apple and cayenne? Fill me up!

After this coffee, my tolerance for acidity and fruitiness was tampered.

It’s not that it was a particularly outstanding coffee. It was definitely not complex. But it was unapologetically simple and enjoyable.

When I quit the restaurant industry and my supply was cut off, I was on the hunt for the perfect nutty, toasty cup. Although I knew what the original brand was, I was searching for fair trade certified coffee for personal and ethical reasons. This was going to be my go-to brew, after all.

For awhile, my husband and I tried out different coffees, but nothing was quite right. We would discuss it over breakfast, complain about the acidic coffee trend in the Pacific Northwest, and lament about how it was so hard to find the perfect mellow cup to start our day with.

Finally, we hit the jackpot.

Coffee: Equal Exchange Organic Mind, Body & Soul

Roast: Medium-Dark


Flavor profile: Toasted nuts and malt chocolate. Well-rounded, smooth and creamy.

Enjoy it with: Breakfast, your afternoon snack, or dessert.

Brew & sip: We brew this regularly in a French press and drink it black with a touch of ghee, but have enjoyed it with organic half and half.

If it were a person, it would be: a nice, mellow friend to have the kind of chat with where you don’t have to think too much and everything just flows, and they don’t care if you have cream for coffee.

Where to buy: The Equal Exchange website where it is sold in 12 oz, 2lb and 5lb bags.

Have you tried Equal Exchange Mind, Body & Soul coffee? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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